Sync your fitness tracker with BookDoc Activ, and begin your rewarding journey for being Activ! Your average daily number of steps at the end of every month will become your Reward level: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum, where exciting deals await. The higher the Reward level, the better the deals and the greater the number of lifestyle verticals which you could take advantage of.

Check out the comprehensive list of Reward partners and the countries where you could enjoy the benefits. It includes participating outlets under food & beverages, grocery shopping, gym & fitness, clothing & apparel, health & wellness appliance, transport and many more.

Go Activ, Get Rewards!

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Physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide. It is a key risk factor for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Physical activity is essential for good health. Workplaces can help increase physical activity levels, and thus improve the health of employees, reduce sickness absence and increase productivity.

An initiative by PERKESO in collaboration with BookDoc, Activ@Work aims to encourage employers to help their employees to stay active, even working from home! Using the concept of being active while collecting rewards, this program can make physical activity an interesting activity to do.



  • This is a 3-month challenge starting from 1st July to 30th September 2023.
  • Participating employers/groups will compete with each other within their respective sector and category.
  • Each individual participant will use the Activ component of BookDoc mobile app to monitor their daily steps which will then be converted into points for the employers/groups they represent.
  • Employers/groups may also earn additional bonus points by submitting photos showcasing fitness activities organized by them.
  • Collect as many points as possible to be the Most Active Employers/Groups!


  • Participation is open to all employers nationwide for free.
  • Registration starts on 1st May 2023. There is no closing date and hence employers are still encouraged to participate even after the challenge has started.
  • Those who registered early are encouraged to begin on-boarding among their employees / colleagues so that they can familiarize with the BookDoc mobile app and warm up.

Private Sector:

  • Participating employers must be a registered employer with PERKESO.
  • Participating employers will delegate their own employees to participate and contribute step points. Generally, the more individual employees represent an employer, the more points the employer is likely to gain.
  • Registration shall be submitted by the appointed representative of the employer (e.g. HR Manager) who will also be the contact point for any future correspondences. The PERKESO employer code is required for registration.


There will be two (2) components in the scoring mechanism – Step Points and Bonus Points. Collect as many points as possible throughout the 3-month challenge to be the winner!

Step Points:

  • An employee can only contribute step points to their respective employer / group if they have set up their account on BookDoc mobile app, and entered the promo code assigned to their employer / group within the app.
  • Each employee may contribute step points to their employer / group each day based on the number of steps they achieve on that day:

    - 3,000 steps – 1 point
    - 6,000 steps – 3 points
    - 10,000 steps – 5 points

  • Employers are encouraged to enroll as many of their employees as possible because they will be more likely to gain high step points.

Bonus Points:

  • Each month an employer / group can earn additional 100 points by submitting a group photo that showcases health & fitness activities that the employer / group organizes internally in parallel with the Activ@Work Challenge.
  • The photo must clearly show:

    - A minimum of four (4) employees involved in the activities; and
    - Your company logo (which can be edited in).

  • The photo needs to be emailed to activatwork@bookdoc.com by the appointed representative of each employer / group (e.g. HR Manager, group captain, etc.).
  • The photo needs to be submitted by the end of each month to entitle for the bonus points for that particular month. Late submission shall not be accepted.


The challenge is divided into several categories where each category has its own prize pool. Generally, higher categories will have a more attractive prize pool.

Private Sector:

  • Employers will be placed into one of the categories below depending on their total employees headcounts. The number of headcounts shall be reflected as the number of the PERKESO contributor in each company.
  • Companies can have more than 1 team if the participants from the company exceeded the team size.
COMPANY SIZE (Employees) More than 1,000 250 - 999 Less than 250
TEAM SIZE (Members per team) 500 250 50

Government Sector:

FACILITY SIZE (Employees) More than 1,000
TEAM SIZE (Members per team) 500


All participating employers and individuals are competing for a prize pool worth RM30,000 in total.

Private Sector:

Top 3 Most Active Employers
  • Available for Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire categories
  • Based on total points (step points + bonus points) collected during the 3-month period
  • Prizes include trophy, certificate and health & fitness equipment / gadget
  • Mainstream media coverage
  • The right to use the Activ@Work 2023 Most Active Employer logo in company's communication & marketing collaterals
Top 3 Most Active Employees
  • Available for Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire categories
  • Based on individual's average daily steps over the 3-month period
  • Prizes include trophy, certificate, cash vouchers
  • Mainstream media coverage

Government Sector:

Top 3 Most Active Employers
  • Available for Government sector category only
  • Based on total points (step points + bonus points) collected during the 3-month period
  • Prizes include trophy, certificate and health & fitness equipment / gadget
  • Mainstream media coverage
  • The right to use the Activ@Work 2023 Most Active Employer logo in company's communication & marketing collaterals



  1. Free of charge registration
  2. Good platform to kick start wellness programme within the company
  3. Prize pool worth RM 30,000 in total to be won
  4. Mainstream coverage & recognition for the winners
  5. Throughout the challenge, each individual participant can redeem rewards within BookDoc mobile app every month as long as they achieve the target (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum tier).

Throughout the challenge, each individual participant can redeem rewards within the BookDoc app every month as long as they achieve the target (i.e. bronze, silver, gold or platinum).


* As of 30th September 2023



Download BookDoc App via


Sign Up For New Users
Or Login For Existing Users


Accept The Invitation Or Enter The Code


Select 'Activ', Synchronize With Activity Tracker, And Start Walking.

*For employer promotional use, please download User Guide here.


Apple Health
Samsung Health
Google Fit
Zepp Life
(Formerly Mi Fit)
Google Fit
Huawei Health
BookDoc Steps Tracker
For Zepp Life user, you may refer to the user guide (iOS | Android) for the steps. Do contact our technical support team if you need further assistance.
For Google Fit user, please use the account associated with Google Fit. View steps here.


Can I register as an individual?

No, this competition is for company only and one of the requirements for registration is to provide PERKESO Employer Code. Nevertheless you may suggest your company to join this competition.

I have registered my company for the competition. What is the next step?

Thank you for your participation. PERKESO will contact you (via email) soon and give you the 'welcome package' which will guide you on how to proceed with the challenge, followed by sending the physical posters and flyers to your office. Next, encourage your staffs to join the challenge and start moving!

I participated in Activ@Work 2017/2018/2019/2021/2022: Do I still need to create a new BookDoc user account for Activ@Work 2023?

No need, you may still sign in using the same login credentials created previously. If you forget the password, you may click on the "Forgot your password ?" link and follow the instructions to reset a new password. Once you have signed in, don't forget to enter the new invite code assigned to your company for Activ@Work 2023 or join the challenge using the link given to your company. Should you require any assistance, you may contact BookDoc at 1-300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm) or activatwork@bookdoc.com.

I own a small company and only have 20 staffs with me. Can I join the competition?

Yes, you can. Your company will be classified under the Sapphire category.

How are the points counted?

The points will be counted based on the total steps contributed by employees daily. The points will be calculated based on:
  • 3,000 steps and above: 1 point
  • 6,000 steps and above: 3 points
  • 10,000 steps and above: 5 points

How are you able to identify my company's staff?

Every company who register for the competition will get an invitation code and link. This code is to be entered on the BookDoc app or staff can directly join by clicking the link given. We can then identify your staff by this code.

My company has more than 500 staffs. Can all of them join the competition?

Yes, definitely.

How can I monitor my company's ranking?

There will be a leaderboard published on the Activ@Work website, and the ranking will be updated on a monthly basis.

Where do I get the invite code?

PERKESO will send over the invite code and link together with the 'Welcome package' to your persons in charge. You may check with them for more details.

If my company participates in this competition, will my staffs also have a chance to win as well?

Yes, the employees will be competing for the top 3 "Most Active Employees" within each category.

My company is interested to join this competition but it's already past the competition start date. Can we still join the competition?

Yes, you can still register and participate in the competition. The points will be calculated from the day your employees enter the invite code.

Can employees still participate after 1st July 2023?

Yes, staff can still participate after 1st July 2023.

What happens if a team member decides to leave the team/been removed by the team leader?

If a member leaves the team/has been removed by the team leader during the challenge, their points and steps will be reset and deducted from the team's overall points.

What is the maximum step count allowed for the challenge?

The system will enforce a maximum cap of 50,000 steps. This means that even if your recorded steps surpass 70,000, the challenge will only consider a maximum of 50,000 steps.


What do I need before using BookDoc Activ?

Compatible Device or Mobile App that can track your steps:
Device/App Description Additional Requirments
Wearable Fitness Devices Fitbit, Garmin, Zepp Life App Ensure their software requirements are compatible to your smartphone.
Fitness App (downloadable for free) Health (Apple), Samsung Health (Samsung), Huawei Health (Huawei), Google Fit (Other Android). Your smart phone must come with motion-tracking sensor.
BookDoc Step Tracker BookDoc Step Tracker (Beta) - Android Only BookDoc App version must be 4.37.0 and above
Compatible Smart Phones:
Type Operating System
iPhone (Apple) iOS 8 or later
Android Android 4.4 or later

How do I join BookDoc Activ?

Download "BookDoc" app for FREE on the App Store, Google Play or Huawei App Store. Click the "Activ" button on the landing page and follow the instructions to sync to a fitness tracker/app.

What should I do if I forgot my password, sign in detail and wish to amend my profile?

If you forget the password, you can always click on the "Forget Password" link at Sign In page. Should you require any assistance, please contact us at activatwork@bookdoc.com or 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).

Why do I need to verify phone number?

Verifying phone number allows you to view the in-app rewards. We will also be able to contact you via the verified number should you require any technical support.

I'm concerned about my privacy. What are the information that BookDoc collect while tracking my steps?

You may refer to our privacy policy.

How do I participate in Activ@Work 2023 representing my company?

You can participate by entering the invite code assigned to your company on the "Challenge" page within BookDoc app or use the link provided to your company to join the challenge.

How do I get the invite code?

Please check with the person in charge in your company.

Why do I get an error message when entering the invite code?

Please ensure that the invite code entered is correct; it is also case sensitive and cannot contain any space/special characters. Should you require any assistance, please contact us at activatwork@bookdoc.com or 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).

Do I have to open BookDoc app all the time?

No. As long as you don't sign out, your device will automatically sync with BookDoc Activ. If you are signed out, your steps data might not be captured properly and thus affecting your point contribution to the company as well as your monthly tier.

My steps data do not seem to sync properly with BookDoc app. What should I do?

Please make sure you have a compatible smart phone and compatible fitness tracker/app. Should you require any assistance, please contact us at activatwork@bookdoc.com or 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).

How much battery life does BookDoc app consume?

Minimal; this is because we don't require you to open BookDoc app all the time to capture your steps data. You just need to make sure that you don't sign out from the app.

What should I do if I have been signed out from the app?

Click on menu bar on top left and click "Sign In". If you previously registered the user account with email, you just need to re-enter the same email followed by password to sign in. If you previously signed in using your Facebook credentials, just click the "Sign in with Facebook" button.

Does BookDoc app consume a lot of data?

Minimal; this is because we don't transmit data continuously at the background.

Will my steps data be captured properly if I don't turn on mobile data or if I travel overseas?

Minimal because we don't transmit real-time data.

The steps data will continue to capture if I don't turn on mobile data or in oversea?

No; although your phone / fitness tracker will capture your steps even without internet access, you will still need minimum internet connection to update the steps data on BookDoc app.

Why does BookDoc Activ still show 0 steps after I have synced with a fitness app/tracker?

For Apple Health/Samsung Health/Huawei Health: Each time when you open a BookDoc app, the syncing animation will appear next to the Activ button on the landing page. Please ensure that you allow the syncing animation to finish before you close the app.

For Google Fit: Sometimes there is a delay in the transmission of data from Google Fit to BookDoc app. Nonetheless, the sync is continuous and therefore the full steps data will be transmitted after some time.

For fitness tracker e.g. Fitbit or Garmin, please remember to turn on Bluetooth on your phone so that the steps data on your fitness tracker can be transmitted to its respective app. Should you require any assistance, please contact us at activatwork@bookdoc.com or 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).

What is BookDoc Activ Membership Tier?

Membership Tiers Average Daily Steps in a Month
Platinum 10,000 for 3 consecutive months
Gold 10,000
Silver 6,000
Bronze 3,000

How do I achieve and maintain Platinum Tier?

In order to achieve Platinum Tier, you will need to maintain Gold Tier for 3 consecutive months whereby to achieve Gold Tier you need to maintain Average Daily Steps of at least 10,000 for each month.

For example, if you achieve Gold Tier for Month 1 & 2, by Month 3 if you can still maintain 10,000 Average Daily Steps, you will unlock the Platinum Tier by the end of Month 3.

To maintain the Platinum Tier, you will also need to maintain the 10,000 Average Daily Steps every subsequent month. If somehow you only achieve 7,000 Average Daily Steps on a particular month, your Tier will then become Silver. Subsequently you will need to repeat 3 consecutive months of Gold Tier again before unlocking Platinum.

What are the rewards I get to enjoy by achieving the Membership Tiers?

The list of rewards is updated from time to time; you may refer to the latest available rewards by clicking "View Rewards" on the Activ page.

When can I claim the rewards?

You will receive notification on the 1st day of the month based on the Membership Tier you achieved on the previous month. If you achieved at least Bronze Tier, you may claim the corresponding rewards in the form of e-voucher within the first 12 days of the month. The claimed e-vouchers will generally stay in the app for 30 days during which you may redeem from the merchants via online or physical outlets, depending on the Terms & Conditions.

What will happen if I miss the claiming cycle for the rewards?

You may try again on the following months as the reward claiming cycle repeats every month.

What should I do if I am unable to redeem the reward from the merchant?

Please contact us at activatwork@bookdoc.com or 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm) with as much details as possible.

Aside from Activ, what other benefits does BookDoc app offer?

There are few other useful functions that you may find on the app's landing page, namely Search & Book, Tele-Consult and Events & News.

BookDoc Search & Book is a discovery platform for healthcare providers whereby users can search for healthcare providers by distance and availability. Besides online appointment feature, the Search & Book also integrates seamlessly with navigation & ride hailing apps, accommodation booking services as well as restaurants & attractions guide so that users can have a hassle free healthcare journey.

Our latest features allow you to chat with healthcare professionals privately and securely via Tele-Consult. You also may chat with our Nutritionist for free consultation. Besides, you may check BookDoc Events & News to know the latest events and news.